Meet the team 


Nic Crampton - RDukNic Crampton – Founder, Trainer and RDuk Director (AKA Ninja Nic)

A qualified IMDT trainer and owner of Doogies dog training, Nic founded RDuk in 2015 after her own dog, Genevieve, became reactive. Nic’s particular set of skills have made RDuk what it is today. As a former life coach and through her own experience, she recognised the impact a reactive dog can have on its owner’s life. As a result, RDuk takes a holistic approach providing vital advice and guidance on rehabilitating your dog while supporting the emotional and mental well-being of you, the owner.


Jeanette Muldoon - RDukJeanette Muldoon – Trainer, Behaviourist and RDuk Director

Jeanette is a qualified IMDT trainer who (alongside her husband) runs The Family Dog Club Training and Behaviour Company and the online Puppy Training Academy. Training over 100 dogs a week in classes or as 1-2-1s, Jeanette brings a wealth of experience to RDuk and its members.



Behind the scenes

The Trainer Team 

The trainer team provides the RDuk – Authorised Trainer Advice to everyone in the group – without fail – every week.

This incredible team of 6 experienced, accredited trainers keep you and your dog safe, keeps you informed, provides detailed training guidance for you whenever it is needed and the advice and guidance provided in our ‘Trainer Talk’. Their guidance is always safe and kind for you and your dog.

They keep us all going in the right direction with our dogs; their guidance is straight and clear, but always given with compassion and understanding, as they ALL have lived (or still live with) dogs that are reactive.

The Admin Team

These are the ones that spend nearly 6 months training in order to BECOME a member of our admin team and support you so brilliantly.

These are the people that make sure every question, every share, every query gets a response, every time, every day of every year.

These are the people gently educating the group on our ethos and rules that keep our community such a uniquely safe space to share.

These are the people that know our group’s professional resources inside and out and know which one will help you, no matter what the situation.

These are the people that are the first to know about your days, good or bad, and the first to show you how much this group cares for each and every one of you.

These are the ones that spot the need for a response from one of our professional trainers and make sure that you get the guidance you need.

These are the ones that will search to find you a trainer, as local to you as possible, from our trusted list of professionals.

These are the ones that will help you make connections with other reactive dog owners in your area, so you are never alone again.

These are also the ones that show up every day, work together seamlessly as a team, support each other, cover each other, through illness, tough times, losing loved ones, losing dogs, busy times. They all do this voluntarily. They are simply amazing!


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