Reactive Dogs display heightened levels of fear,
frustration or aggression when feeling anxious or afraid.
If you are seeking emotional support and expert advice
for you and your Reactive Dog, you are in the right place
Reactive Dogs UK has supported more than 25,000
owners since 2015, through our Facebook group.
for you and your Reactive Dog, you are in the right place

Welcome to RDuk, a genuinely compassionate and
empowering group with the best professional advice.

Love Life With Your Dog


Get your RDuk STAY AWAY™ hoodies, and shop a selection of RDuk approved enrichment activity products your dog will love! Coming soon – our recommended leads, harnesses, muzzles, books, and more of our favourite things to support you and your wonderful dog.





We are passionate about making our communities safe for everyone. And we mean safe for all humans (young and old) and all dogs (reactive and non-reactive).

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Our members section for empathy, education, empowerment, and engagement: information, exclusive courses and discounts, and access to amazing trainers.

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 News, owner experiences, success stories (yes you can love life with your reactive dog), national and local events, campaigns, advice, tips, and much more. 

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